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Tariffs and conditions

The management and delivery of the data are carried out according to an ordering procedure and specific tariffs.

Conditions of delivery

Each data delivery must be subject to the drafting of a form setting out the terms of use (“Tender document”) to be countersigned by the applicant, who agrees not to disseminate the documents. For drilling data, this form is automatically filled in during the editing of the order.

2017 tariffs (prices not including VAT)

Delivery of well drilling data, in numeric format :

Raw drilling data (basic composite log, well completion report, well logging data, etc.), are made available in image format, according to the following tariffs :

  • Basic composite log: 15 € / file
  • Well completion report: 5 € / file
  • Well logging data: 10 € / file
  • Well-velocity survey:  10 € / file
  • Other (field logs, tests, etc.) : 5 € / file

Delivery of well drilling data, in vectorized format (lis or las format) :

For a certain number of wells, a whole range of vectorized products derived from well logging data are available, according to the following tariffs :

  • Set of files derived from transcription of a magnetic tape: 45 € / file
  • Digitized logs from field runs: 80 € / file
  • Main raw logs dataset: 200 € / file
  • Composite log: 230 € / file

Delivery of raw seismic data :

The raw data for a 2D seismic line (or a 3D seismic swath) will include at least the following items: observer logs (image format), map coordinates (ASCII format and/or image format) and shot files (SegY format). Other documents in image format, such as stacking charts, field static corrections or well velocity surveys (uphole or refraction survey), are provided when they are available.

Price for onshore 2D seismic data: 50 € / km

For other types of data (onshore 3D, offshore seismic surveys), you can obtain a specific cost estimate (Minergies@brgm.fr).


The BRGM will charge for VAT and any other taxes at the rates applicable at the invoice date.



It should be borne in mind that these data are stored by the original operators after acquisition in the field, under the conditions of their own archiving system. Consequently, the BRGM cannot be held responsible for the quality or loss of data, or the partial or total failure of the recovery of raw data.

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