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DGEC (Direction Générale de l'Énergie et du Climat)

The Ministry for the Ecological and Solidarity-Based Transition and the Ministry of the Economy and Finance are jointly in charge of energy raw materials. To exercise their discretion in this domain, these ministries are supported by the Directorate General of Energy and Climate (DGEC).

The DGEC is a central administration body which formulates and implements the French government’s policy for energy as well as for combating climate change.

As part of the DGEC, the Subsurface Energy Resources Office (BRESS) develops and implements technical regulations concerning research and exploitation activities relating to subsurface energy resources (liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, high-enthalpy geothermal energy and underground uses, underground storage of hydrocarbons or carbon dioxide). This office is also responsible for supervising data collection and storing information about exploration and production activities on French national territory, and ensuring its dissemination. It carries out appraisals of procedures relating to mining titles for hydrocarbons, high-enthalpy geothermal energy and underground storage. It monitors and controls research, as well as the exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits and geothermal fields on French territory. Documents collected by the Office are stored in a database publicly available. Lastly, the BRESS coordinates actions of the Regional Directorates for Environment, Development and Housing for their missions in relation to subsurface energy resources.

If you wish to contact the Subsurface Energy Resources Office of the DGEC, the address is as follows: dgec-2a@developpement-durable.gouv.fr.

Dernière mise à jour le 04.06.2021